PEC F1 Carnival & Family Day

Carnival rides? Check!

Fun and interactive console games? Check!

Heart Stoping Go Kart action? Check!

To coincide with the impending Formula 1 race, Play Nation was engaged by our client in the engineering industry to prepare and host a F1 themed Family Day. As the event will be participated by our client’s staff as well as their family members, the challenge was to program activities that will engage and entertain event participants across a large age range.

Judging from the reaction of the participants, everyone had fun! The Play Nation event team set up games stations in the main hall that is also equipped with Rodeo and other carnival rides. A Jenga challenge corner was also set up to invoke the engineering spirit of all our guests. The highlight of the days event is without a doubt the adrenalin filled go kart racing held in outside the main hall.

Fun and games in the main hall! Participants trying out the games and carnival activities.

Engineers doing what they do best!

The longer you stay on the bull the harder it shakes. Audience cheers gets louder too!

Go karting in action!

Go kart tracks during the day, with 3 meter by 10 meter banner.