Product Launch & Distributors Networking

What can a drawing tablet do, besides enabling digital drawing? That was the question posed to us by our client in the tablet industry. They wanted to organize a distributors networking event that was both fun and enabled them to see the product in a different light. Due to the customized nature of the event, the Play Nation team brain stormed and came up with the idea of coding a digital game so our client can use the drawing tablet to play games.

The day kicked off with product sharing and some insights into the company by our client. An ice breaker game was played with the crowd, and catering items were pre-setup to service the guests.

Product Launch

Our Play Nation hosts then proceeded to introduce an originally coded whack a mole game that guests can play using their drawing tablets. Judging from the smiles in the photos and the crowd’s reaction, this was indeed a refreshing view of the product. The event ended with catering & beer served, and we were indeed happy to see distributors networking with one another.

Seeing a product in different light!