30 Oct'14

Strategy Day - Serious fun!

Play Nation + Strategy Day Retreat = Serious Fun!

The Play Nation events team was engaged by our client to organize their strategy day retreat that was held in Sentosa in the month of September. In consultation with the organizing committee, a full day of activity was planned for the day based on strategic presentations by the company's leadership team as well as original programming designed by Play Nation.

Ballroom setting Ballroom set up for the strategy day retreat.

The retreat was attended by more than 150 top level executives, active discussion and participation from the crowd was engaged via live polling services set up by the play Nation events team.
Throughout the presentations, members of the audience may pose thoughts and questions to the presenter with their smartphones. At various points during the presentation, presenters may also stop to ask the audience for feedback and receive instant response!

Speaker sharing good news with his team Sharing the good news with team

Live voting using smartphones Instant feedback from the audience via live polling system.

Lunch was served at the end of the strategy meetings at the hotel restaurant where our clients took time to catch up with their colleagues and also share their thoughts on the matters discussed earlier.

Sharing their thoughts on the strategy day during lunch Sharing their thoughts of the day over lunch

After a fulfilling lunch, the participants of the event was in for more fun filled activities as the Play Nation events team hosted them on a series of games and team building activity. To start the action for the afternoon, the Play Nation hosts lead the participants in a series of table games and activities to warm them up for the rest of the day's event.

Team leader directing "Artists" to complete the drawing Frantic rush to complete the task in this game designed to enhance team communication!

Everyone sharing a laugh over the completed "Masterpiece" Crowd reacts to the completed drawings of the various teams.

Cheering during the game Crowd cheer during game

The highlight of the day's challenge is a real life escape game designed specially to the client's request.
The game represents a client project that teams have to work together to complete to leave the ballroom. The unique aspect of this game is that while each team tries to be the first to leave the room, they must work together with competing teams representing other departments within the company to solve the puzzle and make their escape!

Teams looking for solution out of the ballroom. Teams try to solve a series of puzzles designed to promote teamwork across departments and functions to escape the ballroom.

Upon making their escape, teams must make they way through a series of challenges at the beach. Each of the station is designed to enhance team bonding among the participants as well as to represent some of the common challenges they face working in a globalized economy.

Group photo. Waiting for challenge station Excited guests waiting for their turn to the challenge station. Can they identify the foreign languages that their colleague is using?

Racing off for the Limbo rock challenge! A relay station full of energy! Do not miss a beat and don't drop anything!

Group photo of participants with coconut ice cream. Stopping for ice cream and chit chat along the route to melt away the heat and tension from the race!

Guests trying hard to form the correct words with the flying kites. The expression says it all! What better way to relive your childhood memories?

To round off the strategy retreat, we had a prize presentation at the ballroom for the best performance teams in the games. Soon, it was time for dinner at the lounge with a sumptuous spread and plenty of wine to end the day on a high.
A three piece live band also performed for the guests, with many of them singing along to many classic songs and popular tunes!

Prize presentation for the winning team Proud winners of the Strategy day challenge!

Partners sharing a toast. Sharing a toast during dinner.

Performance by live band Live entertainment for the guest during dinner.