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Finding 58 Prinsep, Flagship Store

Feeling lost?Remain Calm; Our HQ is nearby! Trust Us!

If you have not heard the news, our Prinsep outlet is no longer at 64 Prinsep Street. We are now located at 58 Prinsep Street – our new HQ! Where is it, you might be asking. Here are directions to get there from 64 Prinsep Street:

Direction 1 (edited)When facing the old Prinsep outlet (64 Prinsep), turn to your right. Continue walking along the path.

Direction 2 (edited)You will then come across a junction. On your left, there’s a secret passageway… Continue your journey in.

DSCF4021Is that…Play Nation on the right? Yes! In all it’s glory, the new flagship store!