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NEW! Prinsep HQ Lookbook

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After a 6 months long wait, we are delighted to announce the opening of our Play Nation Flagship Store!

Check out the video below for directions to our new outlet!

Still unsure how to reach us from our previous address? We have done up a pictorial guide for you here!

The new Play Nation flagship store is a 2-level shop house – 1st level for cafe and board gaming, 2nd level for console gaming – dedicated to create a richer play experience. The expanded concept is the result of all the years we have been in the industry and now encompasses a full cafe experience and F&B offering, larger play space, more sophisticated interiors, 3D artwoks – all with a hint of quaint vintage charm in a heritage courtyard.

So come on, leave your worries at our doorstep and let the fun begin!

HQ new features 2

New additions – A new cafe space dedicated to a chill out experience, serving hand crafted coffees, origin sourced craft teas, freshly baked cakes, off the menu craft beers and daily comfort mains.

Cafe 1

Level 1 Cafe Space – Cosy & cheerful, there is a communal table area crafted for small talks and discussion. 

Food 2

Some of our menu items – pancakes, eggs benedict, truffle shephard’s pie, grilled chicken / mentaiko pasta, sharing platters, comfort chicken cutlet & chicken chop marinated in a secret hand-down 8 spices recipe.

Lvl 2 hall 4

The 2nd storey vintage space decked up with the latest consoles, plush sofas and Play Nation cushions.

Rooms 3

Private rooms located at both levels – larger play space, mood lighting, game themed, all this for a better play experience! Read our brand story, go BANG! in wild wild west or relive your childhood memories in mario land.  

The new flagship store is our way of saying thanks to each and everyone of you for all the support you have given us throughout the years. Play Nation was founded with the vision of creating a comfortable hangout place and we have dedicated ourselves to ensure that Play Nation will be THE premier location where you can hang out with your friends at a cozy and well-lit place, have tons of fun and laughter, and enjoy great meals all at affordable prices!

Let us continue to help “Save the World from Boredom!”


Watch our constant pursuit to improving our Prinsep outlet for the ultimate gaming haven.

Feeling the urge to visit? Click here for reservation.