Go Fishing


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Go Fishing! A toy for ages 3 and above! Improve your child?s hands and eyes coordination and dexterity skills!

Game Genre: Children?s Games / Dexterity & Mobility

No. of players: Up to 2 players
Age: 3 years and up
Game Duration: N/A
Family/Kids Friendly : Yes

Box Contents:
- 2 x Fishing Sticks
- 1 x Pool
- 2 x Fence
- 1 x Coconut Tree Leaves
- 1 x Water Slide
- 1 x Tree Trunk (2 pcs)
- 3 x Yellow Ducks
- 3 x Pink Ducks
- 2 x Scoops
- 1 x Sticker Sheet

How to Play:
Objective: The player/team with the most points wins!

1) Set Up & Decorate the Pool

2) Put in 3 x AA batteries at the bottom of the Pool

3) Fill the Pool with water and put in all the ducks.

4) Switch it on and start!