Company Retreat @ *Scape!

Our client from the oil and gas industry tasked the Play Nation events team to organize a full day staff retreat for 120 participants. The event was held in the ballroom located at *Scape, with an elegant banquet setting arranged for a stylish retreat for our guests! The program for the day was also an action packed one, with a good mix of serious work, socializing, and hectic game play all introduced on the same day!

The day started off with a series of sharing sessions from the top leaders within the company. There was a lively discussion at the end of each session as the engineers and managers exchanged their questions and response on the matters discussed with the speakers. After the sharing session, our guest got ready for some serious fun! During the second half of the day, our guests were challenged with a specially designed game. With all challenges completed, we finally ended an eventful day with a prize presentation for the best team of the day.

Some Oil and Gas Fun!