Strategy Day – Serious Fun!

Play Nation + Strategy Day Retreat = Serious Fun!

The Play Nation events team was engaged by our client to organize their strategy day retreat that was held in Sentosa in the month of September. In consultation with the organizing committee, a full day of activity was planned for the day based on strategic presentations by the company’s leadership team as well as original programming designed by Play Nation.

Strategy Day Fun

The retreat was attended by more than 150 top level executives, active discussion and participation from the crowd was engaged via live polling services set up by the play Nation events team. Throughout the presentations, members of the audience may pose thoughts and questions to the presenter with their smartphones. At various points during the presentation, presenters may also stop to ask the audience for feedback and receive instant response!

Strategy Day : Customised Escape Game

The highlight of the day’s challenge is a real life escape game designed specially to the client’s request. Upon making their escape, teams must make they way through a series of challenges at the beach. Each of the station is designed to enhance team bonding among the participants as well as to represent some of the common challenges they face working in a globalized economy. Soon, it was time for dinner at the lounge with a sumptuous spread and plenty of wine to end the day on a high!