1st Birthday Party Celebration

Birthdays are an important time of year for everyone. At Play Nation, our events team aims to organize the best celebration for each and every one of our customers. As such, we have made sure that each party is highly customizable in terms of meeting the needs and wants of our clients! In addition, we pride ourselves in providing an all-encompassing service, from entertainment to food to an amazing party atmosphere.

Baby Shark Themed Party

We organised a 1st birthday party celebration for our client, held at our Play Nation Prinsep Branch. With the theme of the party revolving around the ever-popular Baby Shark song, decorations around the shop were all customized to fit the theme. From the photo booth to the food catering labels and banners around our shop, the guest were practically immersed in a sea of Baby Sharks.

Food and games!

Guests also enjoyed a special lunch catering which not only comprised of our normal catering menu, but also specially requested food items such as cream puffs and Kweh Pie Tee. While enjoying their food, guests were engaged by the wide variety of console and board games available at our Play Nation store. For those unfamiliar with gaming, our Play Nation staff were more than happy to provide assistance in terms of game recommendations or even facilitating games. Playing games was a great way to bond family and friends, and provided a fun platform to foster interaction between guests.

The party concluded with a photo taking session for family and friends by our very own Play Nation photographers, who were present throughout the party to capture every moment along the way.