NEW! Japanese Games

We are excited and proud to work with Japanese publishers & studios to distribute Japanese games in Singapore! Find these game titles exclusively at Play Nation and our network of retailers.

Check back this page periodically for new Japanese games and its english rules translation as we bring you the newest and hottest tabletop titles from Japan.




The viral Oh! Sushi Jenga! needs no recommendation. Retailing at $42.90, there are 10 different ways you will be able to play this gem with your friends. English rules included!

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Yura Yura Petite Cafe is an undiscovered Japanese gem, that brings 8 different ways (and tonnes of replayability) of playing dexterity game. Published only in 2019, balance all your lattes & macchiatos on a wobbly tray or risk losing!

Click on the image or here for english rules.





Nico Burger Game is an unique 3-in-1 game with extremely cute & quality components.

Play it as a stacking game, speed burger crafting game or shogi game to capture your opponent’s pieces!

Click on the image or here for english rules.




Nico Senbei Asobi is a 5-in-1 game for for 2-6 players. The realistically cute crackers & nuts components will have you mistaken it for the real Japanese crackers!

Click on the image or here for english rules.