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Collect three sets of bao buns to win the game. Just watch out for the fish-head buns which can ruin your meal.

Game Genre: Party Games

No. of players: 2 to 4 players
Age: 10 years and above
Game Duration: 30 mins
Family/Kids Friendly : Yes (Optional)

Box Contents:
115 bao buns
7 cardboard sheets
3 dice
1 steamer
1 scoresheet

How to Play:
Objective: To be the first customer to fill their plate with three sets of three Bao Buns in three different colours.

1. Pass each player a plate and empty all the buns (including the fish head buns) into the steamer bag.

2. Next, take six buns at random from the bag and place on the serving tray in the middle of the table.
Finally, get each player to pick two random (and non-matching) buns from the bag and place them in front of them (not on their plate).

3. Next, choose a player to start and get them to roll all three dice at once.

4. In the game, you share everything with your neighbour - including your dice rolls! The player who just rolled must now split their dice into two groups.

5. The player on their left must then decide which group of dice they want to keep for themselves and which group they’ll leave for the player who rolled.

6. One by one, carry out the actions on the dice. You must action the smallest die first, followed by the middle one, then finally the large one. Whenever you collect a new bun, place it in front of you. As soon as you collect a set of three buns of the same colour, you can put them on your plate.

7. When all three dice have been actioned, play moves clockwise around the table.

Once a player manages to collect three different sets of matching buns on their plate, they’ve won the game!