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These kunnin� greenskins have been rising up all across the Mortal Realms, and�not even the harsh environments of the Eightpoints can keep them away. The Kruleboyz have come for no better reason than to invade, loot, and turn it into a stinking swamp they can then call home. Don�t make the mistake of underestimating them ��they�re not afraid to fight dirty, and their envenomed weapons and sneaky tricks are enough to keep any opponent on their toes.

The Kruleboyz are always ready for a scrap, and they could hardly care less who they�re bashing up. If you love the idea of a sneaky, underhanded warband that can dish out horrendous punishment, the Kruleboyz just might be for you. Inside the box, you�ll find additional fighter cards for a variety of models in the Kruleboyz orruks range. This box includes the multi-part kits of Gutrippaz and Man-skewer Boltboyz, so there are plenty of ways to build up your warband to ensure a good variety.

This warband set contains:

- 10 Gutrippaz,armed with a mix of jagged blades, bludgeons, and shields
- 3 Man-skewer Boltboyz,�armed with deadly crossbows and wicked blades
- Kruleboyz wound divider and abilities cards,allowing you to use all sorts of sneaky tricks
- 14 fighter cards,�including: 1x Killaboss on Great Gnashtoof, 1x Killaboss, 1x Murknob with Belcha-banna, 1x Swampcalla Shaman, 4x Gutrippa variants, 2x Man-skewer Boltboy variants, 2x Hobgrot variants, 1x Stab-grot, 1x Pot-grot
- 84 tokens,�including: 24x activation tokens, 32x double-sided wound tokens, 2x initiative markers, 10x special tokens, 16x objective marker/treasure tokens

These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly � we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints. This set is supplied with 15x 32mm Round Bases.